Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Big John Buscema Tribute! AVENGERS! Iron Man! Thor! MarvelMania!

Let's once again focus on the late (but always great) comics artist, John Buscema! Click below to glom rare original cover art, scintillatin' sketches, candid pics, and so much more, all in celebration of this awesome illustrator!

Above: The amazing original art (left) to the cover of Marvel's
AVENGERS #42, from 1967! Note John's mastery of composition, depth,
and action-oriented mayhem! John had a long and memorable run on the
AVENGERS title, so much so that some fans think of him as the artist
for the team! Inks are thought to be by George Roussos!
The printed cover appears on the right!

Above: Some dynamic figure sketches from the 60s or 70s! John would often "warm up"
by sketching on the backs of the actual comic pages he was tasked to draw! And
these masterpieces are only the warm up drawings?!?

Above: More Buscema "warm up" sketches, this time with some inks applied!
These probably date from the 90s, when John was still drawing many regular
titles, one-shots, and projects for Marvel!

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