Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1977 Gil Kane Daredevil Art! MARVEL MEMORY ALBUM! Bronze Age Beauty!

Let's take another peek inside the nifty 1977 MARVEL MEMORY ALBUM calendar! Here is the April entry, featuring gargantuan Gil Kane artwork! The theme of this captivatin' calendar was Marvel's (then only 16-year old) past, and Gil takes up that theme, depicting a dynamic Daredevil in both his original early-60s costume, and his better-known all-red outfit! Need I point out how great Gil was with anatomy, action, and composition? Click below to enlarge!

Above: Gil's perfect pencils are aided by the indelible inks of Joe Sinnott!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge the calendar entry that accompanied the above illo, complete with bombastic birthday shout-outs for such Bullpen luminaries as George Tuska and Gil himself!

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