Friday, January 17, 2014

1966 BATMAN Spotlight! Robin! Riddler! Burgess Meredith Speaks! From 1966 to 2014!

Celebrating yesterday's shattering announcement of the long-awaited release of the much-loved 1966 BATMAN TV show on DVD and Blu-ray, let's look back at some rare pics, articles, and interviews spotlighting the actors and creators of this famed TV series! Click each to enlarge!

Above: Burt Ward ("Robin") and Adam West ("Batman") prepare for filming on the Batcave set!

Above: Burgess Meredith ("the Penguin") in 1966, addressing a Batman poster
(that features art by Carmine Infantino) alongside Bob Kane, Batman's co-creator!

Above: Bob Kane and wife Elizabeth in 1966, during the height
of the TV series-induced wave of "Batmania!"

Above: Yup! It's the 1966 BATMAN poster, as seen
in the background of the above two pics!

Above: A 1966 clipping detailing the (ill-fated) marriage of Burt Ward and Bonnie Lindsey.

Above: Frank Gorshin ("the Riddler") acts up
on the set of the BATMAN pilot episode!

Above: Adam West, Cesar Romero ("the Joker") and an unidentified
third party (Roddy McDowall?), at a press event for the show!

Above: Batmania spread its wings everywhere in 1966! Dig this swingin'
magazine cover (above, left), and a pic from the photo shoot (right)!
See the interior Bat-content here!

Above: Tons of merchandise was produced during the height
of the series' popularity, and customized pens and pencil cases
were among the most visible!

Above: Burt Ward, in full red-hued regalia as "Robin," makes a personal
appearance at an event! Burt would make such lucrative appearances well
into the 80s! He stills attends shows and conventions, but with the Robin
outfit on display, not on his person!

Above: A rare piece of internal 1966 correspondence from ABC's Harve Bennett (later to
produce THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN and other shows), to BATMAN producer
Bill Dozier, detailing some tweaks to the pilot episode! Too bad
item #9 would soon be overlooked by the writers and directors!

Above: Burt Ward again, this time making a sensational 70s
personal appearance to the delight of several BATMAN fans!

Above: Adam West in 2014, as the mascot for a college supply service!

BAT-BONUS! Click below to hear both Burgess Meredith ("the Penguin") and Adam West ("Batman") talk about the show and their roles, in this rare 1989 radio interview!

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from32d said...

I think Roddy McDowall would of made a good Alfred. You put the thin moustache on him and you have a resemblance to the comic book Alfred.