Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Monkees! In 1966 and 1996! 2010 and 2013! More Rare Clippings and Sounds!

Once more dipping into the madcap Monkees barrel, here are some rare pics, clippings, and interviews! Click below to enlarge and enjoy!

Above: Yet another alternate pic from the 1966
cover shoot for the MORE OF THE MONKEES LP!

Above: The guys ham it up on the set
of THE MONKEE'S PAW episode!

Above: The Monkees on the set of their "pad," filming the
 "Mijacogeo" episode during the second season!

Above: The little-seen back cover to the Michael Nesmith-produced

Above four pics: Michael in the studio, producing the WICHITA LP in 1967!
Michael is seen directing the large group of studio musicians, as they
record his self-penned songs for the album. Mike is seen also with 

Hank Cicalo and Shorty Rogers.

Above: Davy Jones, in the recording
studio, enjoying a soft drink.

Above: Davy Jones, again in 1967, enjoys a smoke! The teen-aimed magazines
took great pains to air-brush out (no Photoshop in those days, kids)  any
offending cigs that showed up in Davy's hands or mouth in those days!

Above: A 1968 teen mag clipping, detailing
Mike and Davy's love for pets! Frik (not seen in 

the article) and Frak were Mike's long-time 
family watchdogs!

Above: Another 1968 teen magazine piece, spotlighting Micky involved
 in some home improvement! Those teen mag photogs were everywhere!

Above: Two Monkees (Peter and Davy) are snapped 
in a pic during their Far East tour in 1968!

Above: A fan-snapped pic of Peter pencil-pushing
on paper for a frantic follower in 1968!

Above: An oddball poster from the Monkees 2001 tour!
They played the famed Fillmore, in San Francisco!

Above: Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, and Peter Tork kibitz during their 2011 tour!

Above two pics: The surviving Monkees rehearse for
their incredible and well-received 2013 tour!

BONUS! Click below to hear this rare 1996 radio interview with Michael Nesmith! Nez talks about the past, the then-new Monkees LP JUSTUS, his solo work, and much more!


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