Saturday, December 14, 2013

Superman! Tour His "Fortress of Solitude!" 1976 Neal Adams Fun Feature!

Dig this terrific Superman feature, tucked neatly into the pages of a 1976 DC Comics tabloid tome! It's a detailed tour of the Man of Steel's own private sanctuary, the fabulous Fortress of Solitude! Drawn by Neal Adams (a rarity then, as Adams was pulling away from comics work for better-paying commercial and ad art venues), here is a look at the exact contents and layout of this secret sanctum, led by Supes himself! Click below to enlarge and enjoy!

So, why a giant key for entrance into the Fortress? Why not just the huge, super-heavy
door for Superman or Supergirl to push open, keeping all other non-powered intruders out?
And, why not just call the "disintegration pit" a "super garbage disposal unit?"

So, Supes was first to not only have the internet, but one that connects
with other dimensions! And you thought Batman was anal retentive, with
his similar Batcave, trophies, computers, and paraphernalia!

Bonus! Click below to see the cover to the oversized tabloid that housed the above special feature! Click here to learn more about that sensational '76 comic!


Richard Bensam said...

All of the art on the Fortress of Solitude feature is credited to Adams, but the first and last pages seem more like the work of Mike Nasser. Those poses are not typical Adams poses, and the anatomy isn't his style. For that matter, the Superman faces on both of those figures look different from either Adams or Nasser! Could this be a case where multiple hands at Continuity chipped in?

Al Bigley said...

That's my theory, not only for this piece, but many other mid-70s Adams illos (his Power Records work, other tabloid covers) that seem just a bit "off" or not 100% Neal...

This feature IS officially credited to Neal across the board, tho, but..

Al Bigley

Will Richards said...

Nice to see this piece. It looks like Adams to me but as inked by Terry Austin (then of Continuity Associates). The middle pages are very 'Austin' and the musculature on the legs of the final page look like his hand too

Al Bigley said...

The Austin tip for me was always his background and architecture inking. It always had a very precise "technical pen" look to it, even his later Marvel work...

Al Bigley