Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More Neal Adams Art Artifacts! Fan Sketches! KUNG FU! All for You!

Surfacing once again, with a big handful of Neal Adams-drawn artwork and oddities! Click below to enlarge each!

Above: Neal's famous "running Batman" (from the cover of a 1973 oversized
tabloid comic) tops this comics "three-pack" header card! In the 60s
 and 70s, unsold comics would be bundled into packs of three, to be
sold in department and drug stores! Watch out for that dreaded
hidden "middle comic!"

Above, left: Neal Adam's painted cover art for the front of DEADLY HANDS
OF KUNG FU #3, from 1974! On the right is the printed version!

Above, left: Neal's 1975 original art for the front of DEADLY
HANDS # 17, and (right) the finished printed version!

Above images: Neal's custom comic convention sketches for fans!

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