Thursday, December 5, 2013

BATMAN on TV! On Your Radio! In a Hospital?! Adam West! Burt Ward!

I hear ya! You asked for more rare BATMAN 1966 rarities, and here they are! Read all about Adam West ("Batman") and his tumultuous life story, direct from a '66 gossip mag! See rare pics from the set of BATMAN! Hear the BATMAN cast in super-rare radio ads from the 60s! Click below to enlarge, Batmanics!

Above: Adam West ("Batman") rests
between takes on the set of BATMAN!

Above: Interior memo to actor Otto Preminger (the series'
second "Mr. Freeze") from BATMAN producers, asking for a
return appearance of the frigid foe! Alas, a third actor
(Eli Wallach) would return to play the frosty felon, not

Above: Adam West cuts up between takes with actress
Julie Newmar ("Catwoman") on the Batcave set!

Above two pics: Adam West, in full Bat-regalia, makes a hospital
appearance in the early 80s, surprising some lucky fans!

BAT-BONUS! Click below to hear some ultra-rare 1966 BATMAN radio ads and promotions!

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