Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WONDER WOMAN! HULK! SPIDER-MAN! The 1979 TV Superhero Scene! DC vs. Marvel!

Another rare artifact unearthed! Dig this 1979 FANTASTIC FILMS article on the Marvel and DC Comics superhero small-screen invasion! Written by Mike Gold (assumed to be the later DC editor), this is a not-so-favorable piece detailing how these less-than-stellar shows shied away from such super staples as sub-plots, super-foes, special effects, and the general feel of the books that we comic fans have always enjoyed! Who else recalls being disappointed with the somewhat underwhelming efforts from the CAPTAIN AMERICA and SPIDER-MAN CBS series? At least the INCREDIBLE HULK and DR. STRANGE live-action outings were a tad more exciting! Click below to enlarge, and see if you agree!

BONUS! Click below to read another 1979 sci-fi magazine piece on the WONDER WOMAN TV series!

BONUS BONUS! Click below to take in this photo-feature on the 1977 SPIDER-MAN CBS pilot film!

The '77 SPIDER-MAN TV movie was released in other countries as a successful big-screen
feature, as was the HULK pilot, and a few other episodes from that series..

BONUS BONUS BONUS! Click below again to digest this pic-loaded piece from a captivating kung-fu mag, spotlighting stunning stunt-work for one sensational SPIDER-MAN CBS outing!

Wanna read more about the filming of this exciting action sequence? Click here!

BIG BONUS! Click below to see my own 1979 artwork, created by a 15-year-old me, using ink and colored pencils! Why run it here? It was based on my quick glimpsing (standing in Mann's drug store in Laurinburg, North Carolina) of that lead magazine article artwork above! I wanted to create my own action-art of Marvel's "Big Three" fighting a nameless legion of bad guys!

Yup! I only got a fleeting look at the FANTASTIC FILMS mag piece, never
buying the issue, so had to remember the art as best I could, once back
home creating the above "masterpiece!"


Rockett Davey said...

And still today, 30 plus years...
Comic Heros still really don't "work" on TV
Enjoy your blog with every post.
Hope You Have A Great ThanksGiving!
The Best To You,

Al Bigley said...

Thank you!

All the best to you, too!

Al Bigley