Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Tattoo Art of--Curt Swan?!? 1960s DC Comics Madness! Superman!

Here are some very oddball items from DC Comics' past! Glom these images culled especially for inclusion in two 60s sets of temporary tattoos! These mini-masterpieces came with a block of gum, and were the kind of tats that required generous amounts of saliva to apply to the skin (germaphobes beware)! Here are some illos from the sets, as drawn by Curt Swan, including some of his original art for the series! Click below to enlarge!

Since the above art was created as part of a 1962 set, some very dated and 
sexist themes are seen, such as Supergirl engaging in some strenuous clothes 
shopping! The illustrations are drawn in reverse, of course, since the 
applied tattoos will be "flipped...."

Above and below: Unused tattoo sheets from the 1962 set!

BONUS! Look below for examples of tats offered in the 1967 set, where many images from earlier series were recycled...

Above: Swan Wonder Woman artwork for the 1967 tattoo set! As you 
can tell, these images had to be drawn (and colored) in a very simple 
manner, so as to "translate" into a powerful and tiny tattoo image...
Thanks to Ray Cuthbert for the above image!

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