Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Incredible Hulk! 1979 Jack Kirby Original Comic Art! Marvel Magic!

By the late 70s, Jack Kirby (one of the main architects of the "Marvel Universe" in the 60s) was about to call quits to his second stint at Marvel (1975-1978), embarking on a rewarding career as a designer and concept artist for animation. But, before leaving, the "King" crafted this amazing image (possibly actually created in 1977), for use in the 1979 INCREDIBLE HULK calendar! Tho this art looks deceptively simple, it really captures the Hulk character completely, as it oozes mood, menace, and mystery! Jack was ably assisted on inks by Joe Sinnott, tho the creative colorist is unknown! Click below to enlarge!

Thanks to the Romitaman art site for this one!

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