Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Spider-Man vs. Kraven! The Aurora Model Kit Re-Issue! Marvel Comics!

Here is my built-up version of the 2003 Spider-Man model kit re-issue, from the Polar Lights firm! This famed model kit, of course, was first introduced in 1966 by the awesome Aurora folks, and it was also later re-produced (as part of the "Comic Scenes" line) in 1974! This is the latest version, re-scaled to a much larger size (to better fit the DC Comics superhero kits)! Click each image below to enlarge, Web-Heads!

I used the usual model paints, leaving the kit's red
plastic unpainted, for portions of Spidey's costume...

I used a sliver metallic paint for the eye-pieces of Spidey's mask, and
used a small, fine-lined inking pen to delineate the web-lines on his costume,
as well as details of Kraven's outfit..

I applied some dry-brushed acrylic paint over the "mane"
on Kraven's costume, as well as the floor area...

The clear web background is backed with a gradated color
sheet (made in Photoshop), creating a great look!

Spidey's web-line was made from a lacy fabric, creating a much
more "realistic" look than the "cartoony" webbing provided with the kit!

Also added a thick threaded design to create the
extra webbed costume detail around the arms...

I also paid close attention to gloss and matte areas,
adding a gloss coat to Kraven's hair, the tin can, pistol...

I even added some dark splatter effects (and dry brushing) to create the
aged floor, and even detailed the rug that Kraven rests upon!

BONUS! Click below to see the 2003 ad that hypes the re-release of this (and the HULK) classic kit!


david_b said...

I remember practically BEGGING my Dad to buy me that model when I first saw it in '74.. Not aware it was a reissue from the '60s. I recall painting it pretty well, not drawing in the costume webbing, but all in all my eyemask work and chest spider turned out well.

I thought about buyin' the reissued Polar Lights set just to have the cool vintage box, but eh, I have too much else to buy before I die.

Great work, thanks much for the explanation details.

Al Bigley said...

Thanks for the kind words!

Yes, I also had the '74 re-issue!

I think most of the 60s and 70s superhero kits have been re-released at this time!

Al Bigley

Stephen Welch said...

I had that model when I was a kid. I think it was the re-issues as well. But i will say that it does look weird Spidey shooting his web but his fingers are not not pressing the trigger for the webshooter.