Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spider-Man vs. The Hulk! MARVEL TEAM-UP #27! 1974 Original Art Awesomeness!

POW! Here's yet another one from my own colossal comic art collection! Here is an interior page from 1974's MARVEL TEAM-UP #27, featuring the book's regular marvelous mainstay, Spider-Man, teaming up (kinda) with the guest-starring incredible Hulk! This huge piece of art was pencilled by jaunty Jim Mooney, with an able inking assist by fearless Frank Giacoia! I bought this issue as a kid in '74, when it was newly-minted, and it's a blast to own a page from it! Click below to enlarge!

Above, left: The original page for this MTU issue, as penciled by Jim Mooney!
Note the blue pencil lines below the inked art! Many artists used that
kind of pencil, since the camera, when shooting the art for production,
wouldn't reproduce the blue portions, thus eliminating tons of erasing!
Above, right: The published page!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge the cover (by Jim Starlin) of this indelible issue!


Rich Meyer, harbinger of Chaos said...

I always thought that cover really showed how much Jim Starlin seemed to have been influenced by Steve Ditko ... you have to take a second glance to notice that it's not Ditko doing two of the characters he did some of the important formative work on.

Anonymous said...

I agree...there's a lotta Ditko in Starlin's work. A great cover. I bought a copy of this just for the cover alone!