Friday, November 1, 2013

SPIDER-MAN #131! Another Look at the Aunt May/Doc Ock Wedding! Marvel!

It was one of the oddest comics of all time. Could Spider-Man's own beloved and gentle Aunt May really be marrying one his greatest foes, the deadly Dr. Octopus?! Almost! In the wild and wacky 70s, this undignified union came that close to being consummated! Fans still reference the storyline, and it reverberates to this day, thru Spidey's current comic tales! Such an oddball concept didn't keep fans from enjoying some great art and covers, tho, like this one by the ever-great Gil Kane! This is his captivating cover design for the finished art (which you can glom here), so click below to enlarge and enjoy, Frantic One!

Above, left: Gil Kane's 1974 rough cover design for SPIDER-MAN #131,
and (above, right) the finished published cover!

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J.A. Morris said...

I've always enjoyed this story and never understood the venomous derision it attracts to this very day. Is it the best Spider-Man story ever? Of course not, but it's far from the worst, it's solid Bronze Age fun.