Thursday, November 21, 2013

Plastic Man! The 1967 Prime-Time TV Series?! Silver Age DC Comics!

Dig this letters column from a 1967 DC Comics issue of PLASTIC MAN! The editors talk about a new, soon-to-premiere Plas TV show, one that never appeared! It's well known that the stretchable sleuth was considered for the Filmation superhero cartoon line-up (along with fellow pliable pal, Metamorpho), but was this TV outing to be a live-action feature, or animated? Hal Seeger (not Seegar as spelled below, and known for the BATFINK and MILTON THE MONSTER animated shows) was involved, so...Click below to enlarge!

Arnold Drake was not only the writer for the unseen TV feature, but
was also the regular PLASTIC MAN comics scribe, too! Drake also
co-created the DEADMAN and DOOM PATROL concepts for DC!

BONUS! The second letter above notes that a DC competitor illegally ran their own PLASTIC MAN series (cover seen below), concurrent to the DC Plas revival! ! Click here to learn more about the how and why!

BONUS BONUS! Or, was the above reader responding to the appearance of PM in this issue of CAPTAIN MARVEL (tho not the "Captain Marvel" better known as the DC "Shazam!" character...See a trend here?) from M.F. Enterprises?

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