Thursday, November 7, 2013

Grab a Healthy Handful of Hearty HULK Newspaper Strips! 1979 Marvel Oddity! Stan Lee!

Talk about a comics rarity! Even hardcore comic freaks have seen very little of the late-70s INCREDIBLE HULK newspapers strip (it's been sparsely reprinted, also), but here are a few unearthed examples of this exciting project! Written by Stan Lee (Hulk's co-creator), and drawn by Larry Lieber and Alan Kupperberg, the newspaper strip followed the titular titan during his trauma-tossed life, while Doc Banner desperately sought a cure for his particular problem! Sound familiar? Yes, the strip was meant to lean in the direction of the then-current HULK TV show, with much more melodrama and tons of soap opera elements added to the mix! Click below to see some rare 1979 strips, thanks to the courtesy of Alan Kupperberg himself!

That's right! The strip even changed Bruce Banners' name to
David, to further reflect the CBS-TV show's sensibilities!

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