Saturday, November 2, 2013

Get Happy! With Herb Trimpe! 2013 Article and Artwork! Marvel Magic!

From the fabulous UK mag COMIC HEROES, here is a terrific article on the life and art of "happy" Herb Trimpe! Herb was best known for his long stint drawing Marvel's INCREDIBLE HULK comic, but his unique style also graced the pages of GODZILLA, WHAT IF--?, SHOGUN WARRIORS, DEFENDERS, a myriad of merchandise, and more! Click below to enlarge this look at Herb's many influences, highs and lows, his legacy, and so much more!

They're right about the late-70s being an amazing time for Marvel
popularity! With the HULK, SPIDER-MAN, and their other superhero shows
tearing up the tube, it's little wonder I left DC Comics behind that year,
not returning to the staid publisher until 1983!

That's right! Wolverine debuted as a foe for ol' Greenskin, drawn by Herb!

With Herb's love of WW2-era England, it's a mystery why he
was never given a turn on Marvel's INVADERS book!

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