Monday, November 4, 2013

Big, Beautiful BATMAN Bonus! More Rare 1966 Pics and Oddities! The Riddler Sings!

Back again with another bountiful bunch of BATMAN TV show greatness! Click below to enlarge these rare pics from the famed 1966-1968 ABC TV sensation! 

Above: Adam West ("Batman") and Cesar Romero ("Joker") on
location for the third season episode, "Surf's Up/Joker's Under!"

Above: Cesar Romero portrays the Joker with a frantic
flourish, in this image from the '66 BATMAN film!

Above: BATMAN meets F TROOP! Adam West
takes a break to speak with Forrest Tucker!

Above: Frank Gorshin ("Riddler") on set with director
Charles Rondeau (left) and actor Richard Bakalyan (right)!

Above: Filming the 1966 BATMAN movie! The cast
and crew carefully shoot scenes with the Batboat!

Above: Adam West and Burt Ward ("Robin") show off the 
early version of the Batcycle, seen only in one episode! 
A later one would be used throughout the series, even 
appearing in the movie!

Above: Again on set of the BATMAN '66 film, Frank Gorshin 
and Lee Meriwether ("Catwoman") flank Reuben Watt, assistant 
director for the series!

Above: Batman co-creator Bob Kane enjoys the 1966 period of 
Batmania, as he creates tons of paintings exploiting the 
characters and his connection to them! Note the inclusion of 
the "TV Batman" in portions of the above painting...

Above: Adam West still made various personal appearances
as Batman well into the 80s, as seen in the above pic!

Above: Adam West in 2013, hyping the new
wave of BATMAN '66 toys and merchandise !

BAT-BONUS! Didja know that frantic Frank Gorshin, during the height of the BATMAN craze, released a swingin' single? One cut features him at his manic best in character as Riddler, the other side is Frank playing it smooth, belting out a lilting lil' ballad! Click below to see the 45 record sleeve!

BONUS BAT-BONUS! Click below to hear both sides of this rare Gorshin single!



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