Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The RAMPAGING HULK Magazine! The "Hidden" Art! 70s Marvel Mirth!

Longtime Hulk fans recall this odd (but very memorable) Marvel magazine of the late-70s, THE RAMPAGING HULK! Due to the success of their b/w line of more adult-aimed mags, Marvel decided to launch one of their swingin' superheroes into that drama-drenched arena (tho why they picked one known for his color to helm a black-and-white book is a real mystery)! The publication was adored by fans, as it featured not only top-notch art and stories, but also special features, such as powerful pin-ups by colossal comics artists (Ernie Chan, Terry Austin, and others)! The mag later converted to full-color, hence the amazing fully-hued art below! Click below to take a peek at some of these pulse-pounding pages, Hulkophile!

Above: A great illo by Mike Zeck, who'd soon be drawing
CAPTAIN AMERICA for Marvel! Note the position of the driver's side 
on the
 cab, indicating that this was possibly originally created for a UK comic!

Above: I always loved how Marvel then felt they needed to run an "explanation" for such a "far-out"
piece of art. Now, in this "anything goes" era of comic art, this wouldn't raise an eyebrow! Art by
Steve Bissette, who'd later have a memorable run on SWAMP THING!

Above: Art by Ernie Chan, who, at the time, also enjoyed
a long run drawing the Hulk's color comic adventures!

Above: Art by Gene Colan, with Rudy Nebres and Peter Ledger!

Above: Art by Walt Simonson!

Above: Art by Brent Anderson!

Above: Art by Terry Austin!

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