Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The ELECTRIC COMPANY Presents--DC Comics?! 1979 Superhero Feature! Batman! Spidey!

As you know, in 1974 Marvel Comics entered into a partnership with the PBS show, THE ELECTRIC COMPANY, in an effort that lent their Spider-Man character to the Children's Television Workshop folks to further promote learning (and to sell more Spidey comics, natch)! But, didja know what CTW's long-running ELECTRIC COMPANY magazine included articles that covered not only Spidey and his other Marvel brethren, but also the colorful characters from rival DC Comics? True! Just look below to glom a 1979 kid-aimed fact-file that spotlights all the biggies of the Bronze Age, and also includes a very special mural painted by excited and young super-fans! Click to enlarge!

"His wife was killed by a super-villain." They didn't sugar-coat things for kids back then, huh?
I'd hate to see how the editors would summarize today's ultra-violent and dark comics!

In 1979, Superman woulda been 65 if he aged in "real world time," and that advanced
age would have made him "Super-Grandpa?!" Today, 65 is the new 35!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge another awesome issue of this kid-centric mag, this time focusing on the INCREDIBLE HULK TV series!

Above: A fabulous painted cover by 70s cover maven, Bob Larkin!

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Anonymous said...

I remember seeing a couple of issues of this magazine as a kid, that had some nice, well-drawn Spidey stories in them (maybe John Romita?). One featured the Green Goblin, the other a battle royal with the Hulk. Great stuff!
It was a nice feature like you'd see in Smash and Dynamite.