Friday, October 11, 2013

The 1966 Batmobile in the Spotlight! BATMAN TV Show! DC Comics!

Here's yet another lingering look at the most famous customized car in television history, the bombastic Batmobile! Click below to read vintage 60s articles, as well as recent interviews with custom car czar George Barris, and so much more! Start your engines and GO!

Above: A terrific 1966 ROD & CUSTOM article on
 the then-new car that was wowing America!

Above: Workers in the George Barris custom shop toil feverishly
to prepare the Batmobile (and its double) for its early '66 TV debut!

Above: The other dynamic duo? Fellow 60s supertstars, Sonny & 
Cher, grab a quick photo opportunity in the famed Bat-vehicle!

Above: Stars Adam West and Burt Ward pose with
the custom car in this early publicity shot!

Above: A behind-the-scenes shot of the Batmobile, zooming off the Batcave
set! Note the clean-up man left behind! Hey! That's not Alfred!

Above: Another sensational 60s spotlight centered  on the kooky car!

Above and below: A recent OUTRE magazine close-up on the countless
colossal custom car creations crafted by the captain of customizers, George Barris!

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