Friday, October 25, 2013

SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE! Behind the Scenes! 1978 STARLOG Article and Rare Pics!

Here's another peek behind the production of the groundbreaking film, SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE! Read about the ups and downs of this tumultuous production, from casting (Robert Redford was almost Superman!), to costuming, filming, and more! This sensational '78 STARLOG piece comes from a time when making a superhero film was truly a lengthy uphill battle, unlike today, with a new comics-centric film invading theaters (seemingly) every other weekend! ! Click below to enlarge!

It's now hard to imagine a Superman not portrayed by Chris Reeve
in these iconic films, but many other candidates were considered...

BONUS! Glance below to see one of the actual comic books that guided and inspired the creation of the movie's Superman costumes!

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