Thursday, October 17, 2013

SPIDER-MAN #121! The Death of Gwen Stacy! 1972 Original Comic Art! Marvel!

Here's the incredible original art for the cover of one of comic's most memorable issues, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #121! This issue changed the overall tenor of superhero comics, as a major supporting cast member, Spidey's lady love Gwen Stacy, is killed! Sure, death in comics was seen before, but it was always depicted as some sort of trick, dream, or misunderstanding, never the real thing! The writers wanted to shake things up in the Spidey book, and they certainly succeeded! Writer and uber-fan Mark Waid described this issue as having the impact of "the JFK assassination among comics fans!" I came in as a reader right after this issue, and the book (normally a jaunty and fun read) did have a certain palpable pall over it, one that would last for years. Click below to enlarge!

Another factor that gave this issue extra impact: in those pre-internet
days, the secret of which cast member was facing imminent doom 
could be kept a true surprise for readers and fans!

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