Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rare Comic Art from The COMIC READER Fanzine! Iron Man! Green Lantern!

In the late 70s, before the internet had arrived, comic book junkies communicated and got the low-down on upcoming comics thru fan magazines, or "fanzines!" Such 'zines became so well-known and firmly established, that pro artists and writers were happy to give interviews and "sneak peeks" to such mags! Some artists, recalling when they were fans reading such publications, selflessly shared their artwork with THE COMIC READER, and you can stare at the evidence below! Some great little-seen images by Jim Aparo, Bob Layton, and many more! Click each to enlarge!

Above: Bob Layton provided TCR with both of these custom covers! That back
cover image was to be a sorta "alternate" image to the cover of IRON MAN #132!

Above: SHAZAM! A rare Jim Aparo look at Captain Marvel!

Above: Green Lantern and Sinestro by dandy Don Newton! Don would go
on to draw Batman (and many other books) for DC in the 80s...

Above: Inspired by the then-new SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE, Jerry Ordway provides
this impressive wrap-around piece! Jerry would go on to enjoy a long stint
at DC in the 80s, on their SUPERMAN line!

Does this cover look familiar? It should!
Just click here to refresh your memory!

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