Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lou Ferrigno Speaks! Then and Now! INCREDIBLE HULK Re-Focus!

Back with even more 70s tidbits focusing on Lou Ferrigno and the INCREDIBLE HULK live-action CBS show! Click below to enlarge each!

So pervasive was the popularity of the HULK show in the late 70s, that
even gossip mags (such as seen above) spilled lots of ink covering the series!

Above: A prepared Lou Ferrigno is carefully transported to an outdoor
location for filming an INCREDIBLE HULK episode!

Above: Another look at the careful and meticulous make-up and prosthetic
application endured by Lou during his HULK years! See more here!

Above: A 1988 article spotlighting the first of the HULK

Above: A recent clipping detailing a very special milestone in Lou's
life, shared with the Hulk's comic co-creator, Stan Lee!

Above: A  colorful HULK FaceBook banner (heh), made by me!

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