Thursday, October 31, 2013

Learn to Play! The Monkees Way! 2013 GUITAR PLAYER Article and Instruction!

As a Monkees fan in the 70s and early 80s, I quickly realized just how little respect the group garnered then, as they were still labeled as a "crass and plastic bubble-gum band." It was obvious such critics only gave the band a cursory glance, never truly listening to the deep LP cuts, or the more innovative and progressive sounds made by the team. Things have changed in the last few decades, and here's yet another mark of the recent respect the Monkees have earned among musicians, other recording acts, and the general populace! Below is a recent GUITAR PLAYER article, hitting the highlights of the Monkees' recording career! This piece also includes close looks at many Monkees tunes, with charts for any budding (or experienced) musicians to play along with and learn from! Click below to enlarge!

Where's Peter? The above pic was taken in 1969, after Tork had left
the group, leaving them to burn thru the year as a trio!

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