Friday, October 18, 2013

John Buscema draws The Marvel Universe! 1975 Original Poster Art! Spidey!

Sure, you've seen this famous image many times, but have you ever seen the pulse-pounding pencils for this power-packed poster? Just glance below to stare at the terrific rough design by big John Buscema for this graphic that appeared in so many Marvel comics ads in 1975! This piece features almost every Marvel mainstay (even Iron Man sporting his infamous "nose!") from that Bronze Age time period! Click to enlarge!

Above, left: John Buscema's pencil drawing for the final poster
image (above, right)! Inks on the finished poster by Joe Sinnott!

BONUS! Glare below to see an image of John Buscema at work!


Anonymous said...

My new wallpaper,thanks from France !

jluc, parker033 said...

OMG fantastic drawing! Congrats and thanks for sharing.
Jean luc