Sunday, September 29, 2013

Super Sunday SPIDER-MAN 70s Strips! "A Spider Can Sting!" 1979 Marvel Magnificence!

Last time, we watched in stupefying horror, as Spider-Man, lured by a hefty pay-day, found himself trapped by the Kingpin's malevolent minions! Now, the savvy superhero plots his escape, proving that even a defeated do-gooder can't be held down for long! But, can he escape in time to also lower the boom on the sinister Spencer? What happens when the Kingpin closes in? And--what do you feed a caged Spider-Man?! More mile-high madness from Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click below to enlarge, then swing over to here for the next full-color star-studded installment, webbed ones!

Another big shout-out to "BookSteve" for making these
pandemonium-packed posts possible!

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