Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spider-Man vs. The Green Goblin! Again?! 1975 Albert Bigley Art! Marvel Comics?!

What was it about me and the Green Goblin? Sure, he was once considered Spider-Man's main super-foe, and was quite ubiquitous in the 70s, but...Anyway, here he is again, being bedeviled by a window-smashing Spidey, in a 1975 illo by a 10-year-old me! I obviously based this darling drawing on the cover of SPIDER-MAN #137! Click below to enlarge this Bronze Age beauty, and click here for more graphic Goblin greatness!

Looks as if I intended to color the Goblin's vest a deeper shade of
purple, by combining blue and red colored pencils! Never got around
to it, or coloring Spidey, either!

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