Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spider-Man on THE ELECTRIC COMPANY! The Full Story! 1974 Marvel Madness!

Anybody who was a comics fan in the 70s remembers patiently waiting for the day when Spider-Man finally showed up on PBS' long-running show, THE ELECTRIC COMPANY! Marvel Comics had announced the Web-Spinner's live-action debut months in advance, even giving Spidey his own kid-aimed comic tie-in title, but it seemed to take forever for ol' Web-Head to finally appear! Once he did, fans would never forget the fun and educational spots that gave us a rare glimpse of what a "real life" Spider-Man would look like, over three years before he'd headline his own 1977 CBS TV film! Click below to get educated (thanks to FILMFAX magazine) on Spidey's addition to this loved CTW show, as told by those who were there!

To me (and probably other folks my age) Morgan Freeman will always be "Easy
Reader," and one of the most valuable players on THE ELECTRIC COMPANY!

Tho SPIDEY SUPER STORIES was aimed at the very youngest kids, fans (including me) eagerly
snagged the mag for the pitch-perfect John Romita-drawn covers that adorned early issues!

Wanna see one of the Jack KIrby-created SPIDEY covers mentioned above? Just click here!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge this senses-shattering pic of Spidey's co-creator, Stan Lee, camping it up with Spider-Man (Danny Seagren) on the set of THE ELECTRIC COMPANY, circa 1975!

Even with the new SPIDER-MAN movies, has anyone ever
really improved on that costume? It looks great!

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