Wednesday, September 18, 2013

See and Hear BATMAN & RUBIN (The Jewish Wonder)!? 1966 DC Comics Oddity!

1966 was, of course, the year of Batman. With the ABC-TV series attracting eyes and ears, and the sales of all Bat-things skyrocketing (from comics to toys to costumes, to...), should we be surprised that some enterprising entrepreneur produced this little oddity? That's right. BATMAN & RUBIN was the brainchild of Batman's co-creator, Bob Kane, teamed with long-time comedy team (Marty) Allen and (Steve) Rossi! Replete with Jewish in-jokes direct from the Catskills, this fun LP frolics along with the (not-so) Dynamic Duo, but with a nod toward bagels, chicken noodle soup, and blintzes! An oddball recording that capitalized on the Batmania sweeping the planet, something Steve Rossi called "not funny at all!" Click below to hear a few chapters, Bat-fan, and decide for yourself!

Most fans can recall Marty Allen appearing in a ton of
70s TV commercials, guest stints, and game shows!

Steve Rossi states that this truly was Bob Kane's idea (and his writing), something 
shaded in doubt, since much of Kane's artistic comics output has been credited
to "ghost" artists and other talents!

Above: The comedy duo, unmasked! The
team is seen here in a 70s publicity still!

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