Friday, September 6, 2013

MORE Mirthful Marie Severin Art Treasures! Sketchcards! Original Cover Art! Go CRAZY!

Just unearthed! Here are even more Marvel masterpieces from that maven of mirth, Marie Severin! Click below to enlarge, art-lovers!

Above: Recent pencilled "sketchcards" by Marie, featuring the incredible Hulk!

Above: Another group of pencilled cards by Marie, spotlighting
the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and the Inhumans! 

Above, left: Mid-60s specialty art by Marie, later used to decorate a bag for a 1976
con (above, right)! Note the addition of Conan, a popular Marvel book in the mid-70s!

Above: A pencilled Dr. Strange convention sketch for a lucky fan!

Above, left: Marie's cover rough lay-out for the 1975 Marvel Con book!
Note how she wanted it to mimic a standard Marvel cover of
the time, something the later artists ignored in the final
version (above, right)! Thanks to Scot Eldeman for this one!

Above, left: Marie's original 1973 cover art for Marvel's CRAZY #1, a reprint
mag that recycled tales from late-60s NOT BRAND ECHH issues! The
title would later morph into a magazine-sized publication that
would enjoy a very long run!

Above: 1977 illustrations done by Marie, for the letter
columns of Marvel's RAMPAGING HULK magazine!

Above: Rare pics of Marie, holding court in the 1975 Marvel Comics bullpen!

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