Saturday, September 21, 2013

MORE John Romita Sr. Marvel Art Rarities! Spider-Man! Hulk!

You can never get enough of the masterful artwork of John Romita, Sr., so look below to click and enlarge these sensational 70s artifacts! Away we go!

Above, left: An unused 1972 pencil sketch design by Romita, for
the cover of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #120 (above, right)! Thanks to
the gang at BACK ISSUE magazine for this one!

Above, left: JRSR's finished inked original art for the cover of
the 1978 Marvel SPIDER-MAN CALENDAR (above, right)!

Above: Convention sketches for lucky fans!

Above: A possibly unused sketch for the cover of an overseas
volume, reprinting the SPIDER-MAN newspaper strip!

Above: A more recent Romita image, possibly done in conjunction
with the short-lived MARVELMANIA restaurant chain!

Above: John Romita, Sr., hard at work in the famed Marvel Bullpen
in 1975! How many comics in the background do you own?

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