Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Marvel Comics Has PIZZAZZ! Rare Superhero Art and Artifacts! Spider-Man! Hulk!

In 1977, Marvel Comics (eyeing popular DYNAMITE magazine) launched its own successful teen-aimed pop culture mag called PIZZAZZ! To their credit, the comics firm hired reviewers, writers, and artists from outside their superhero-drenched domain, to create a fun and lively magazine that lasted over two years! In order to get a leg up on the competition, madcap Marvel made use of what was unique to them, so PIZZAZZ was liberally sprinkled with appearances from Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, and the rest of their cavorting colorful characters! It made for an odd mash-up that didn't really quite work, as hardcore superhero fans did not want to read a mag that also gave tons of space to John Travolta and hair-care tips! So, many now-rare comics oddities went under the radar, such as the ones you can see below! Click each to enlarge! See more PIZZAZZ surprises here!

Above, left: Dave Hunt art on this very nice "hidden pictures"
illo, and wonderful Marie Severin art (above, right)!

Above and below: Marie Severin strikes again!

Above and below: Fantastic Dave Cockrum artwork!

Above: Art by Al Milgrom, from the 1978 SPIDER-MAN CALENDAR! The remaining
insert art is by Steve Ditko, from the very first Spidey appearance, in 1962's

BONUS! So much weight was put behind the launch of PIZZAZZ, it actually had its own tremendous TV ad! Click here to view!

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