Monday, September 2, 2013

FANTASTIC FOUR! 1976 Rich Buckler Original Art! MarvelMania in the Bronze Age!

Here's another fabulous piece of Bronze Age greatness! This is the exceptional original cover art to FANTASTIC FOUR #169, from 1976! Pencilled by Rich Buckler, with impeccable inks by Joe Sinnott, this image comes from one of the greatest periods of the FF comic! During this exciting extended storyline, the Thing lost his powers and rocky exterior (temporarily, natch), the unpredictable Power Man was placed on the team, and the usual sensational shake-ups and drama-drenched sub-plots (Marvel was famous for those then) were also crammed into each ish! Click below to enlarge, and remember to Flame On!

This issue happened to be the second regular FF ish I ever
bought, after having a few scattered issues in my 
beforehand! I became a faithful reader for the next decade!

BONUS! Wanna read the issues from this pandemonium-producing period in one new and tidy collection? They've all been recently reprinted in a great new trade paperback (below) that's available online (and in stores) now!

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