Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Stars of SHAZAM! The Saturday Morning Cast Reunites in 1992! Michael Gray! DC Comics!

From the pages of the much-missed AMAZING HEROES fanzine, here is a terrific interview with the cast of the super Saturday morning 70s SHAZAM! TV show! Hear what Michael Gray ("Billy Batson"), Les Tremayne ("Mentor") and, of course, John Davey (the later "Captain Marvel," following original star Jackson Bostwick) were up to after the show's 1976 demise! Read about the clashes, the stunts, and the behind-the-scenes shenanigans (Fires! Police involvement! Sharks!) from this action-packed show! Click below to enlarge!

Special thanks to Andy Mangels for graciously giving permission to run this 
terrific interview! Visit his star-studded site here!

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david_b said...

WHAT A FAN-TASTIC article, sir.

Just spent my morning reading it, just great recollections, anecdotes, interesting/fun tidbits (especially about working with Joanne and Jackson..) and warm, honorable intentions from working on this brief but beloved show.

Love Mr. Davey's last line comparing his work to today's television ('Rosanne' in that instance..). Speaks volumes about what networks are drolling out these days.

The world will always love heroes.