Saturday, August 10, 2013

The MONKEES! The Comic Book?! 1968 Dell Comics Madness! Davy Jones!

Comics fans who recall the 60s and 70s can remember that almost every popular TV show was awarded its own comic book, in an attempt to jump on the groovy gravy trains associated with said programs! Didja know that the Monkees had their own four-color publication, from Dell Comics (who also produced titles featuring ANDY GRIFFITH, GET SMART, BEWITCHED, and others), that ran from early 1967 to 1969 (pretty much the group's actual lifespan)? Tho the early issues were fairy standard Dell family-safe fare, dig this later entry, a short story from a 1968 issue! In an effort to replicate the bizarre second season of the MONKEES TV series, this tale has all the oddball charm of one of those shows, complete with full "hippie" regalia and references, odd cut-away gags, and trippy happenings. However, these comics were produced by "over-30 stuffed-shirt types," so look for a typical sitcom ending and a thinly-veiled distaste for the "with it" lifestyle! Click below to enlarge!

This is a scan from my own copy of this comic, bought (along with
the rest of the series) at comic conventions in the early 80s!

Altho early MONKEES issues were drawn by Jose Delbo,
the artist on this odd extravaganza is unknown!


Steven Thompson said...

My first thought on the art was Mo Marcus although I certainly wouldn't commit to that.

Al Bigley said...

VERY interesting...

Al Bigley