Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The FANTASTIC FOUR--Crossing the Delaware?! 1976 Marvel Calendar!

Here's another look inside the now-rare nifty 1976 MARVEL COMICS BICENTENNIAL CALENDAR! Each month featured an oddball look at the maniacal Marvel Superheroes re-purposed as historical figures taking part in pivotal moments of our nation's past, and, in this case, here is the fabulous Fantastic Four helping gorgeous George Washington cross the Delaware during the Revolutionary War! Drawn by long-time FF inker Joe Sinnott, this is one great-looking (if off-beat) image of the Human Torch, The Thing, and the rest of the gang! Click below to enlarge!

Not only does this awesome image feature a great drawing, the coloring is
darned amazing, too! All done with dyes on a stat, no computer colors!


Blitzdawg said...

The gradients achieved are amazing! Did the original art look like this, or did the colors smooth out in the plate-making or printing process?

Love Joe- he is a gracious and thoughtful man, not to mention an incredible inker!

Al Bigley said...

I assume it was watercolors or Doc Martin dyes applied to a b/w sat, so all the blending was done during the coloring process, live on that stat!

Al Bigley