Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Here Comes the--BATCAR?! 1966 Batmobile HOT ROD Magazine Article and Rare Pics!

Who doesn't love the famous 1966 TV Batmobile? Designed by George Barris (the "King of Car Customizers"), this crime-crushing car made its debut with the ABC-TV series, and soon became as much of a star as the show's flesh-and-blood actors! So all-consuming was the interest in Batman, during this panic-packed period of "Batmania," every magazine turned its bat-beam on the fad, even HOT ROD magazine! Click below to enlarge this informative article on the "Batcar," as well as other well-loved customized autos of the era!

Above: A rare shot of the Batmobile in its traveling trailer, off to
be shown at an auto show, store opening, or fairground event!

Above: An early shot of the Batmobile in progress, before its gloss
coat and cerise pin-striping (among other details) were added!

BONUS! Lest you think love for the batty Batmobile is only a thing of the past, click below to dig this recent UK article detailing a recent car auction, and the high amount of scratch paid for this black beauty!

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