Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gil Kane! 1977 IRON MAN Original Comic Cover Art! Sunfire Attacks! Marvel!

Back again with another eye-popping Gil Kane original! Here, we can take a perceptive peek at a 1977 Gil cover rough design, created in preparation for the front of IRON MAN #98! As usual, Gil brings a ton of action, drama, and movement to this scene, as ol' Shellhead takes on that former X-Man, Sunfire! Final inks by Dave Cockrum (who was quite involved in the X-MEN, too)! Click below to enlarge!

It looks as if Gil originally intended to hide Iron Man's head in shadow, thus
keeping secret the fact that Shellhead had reverted to his older helmet for this
issue! Eventually, it was possibly decided that the costume change was a selling point!

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