Monday, August 19, 2013

BIFF! Big, Batty BURT WARD Bonanza! TV's "Robin!" 60s Oddities! Hear Burt Sing!

Let's zero in on the other half of the Dynamic Duo! It's all about Robin, as perfectly portrayed by bouncing Burt Ward, in the socko '66 BATMAN TV series! Click below to peer at little-seen pics! Hear rare musical attempts by Burt! 

Above: On the set in "Commissioner Gordon's" office...

Above, left to right: Stars Adam West ("Batman") and 
Burt Ward ("Robin") between takes!

Above: Posing on the "Batcave" set...

Above: Burt Ward squeezes in a personal call between filming sessions!

Above: Burt Ward meets fans during a 70s personal appearance! Do ya 
like that child's superhero-splattered shirt? See it here!

BAT-BONUS! Like many money-minded stars in the 60s, Burt tried his hand at a recording career, teaming with famed Frank Zappa (!) to cut a few interesting and off-beat discs! Below is one of their most daring, a 1966 song utilizing actual fan letters sent to the "Boy Wonder" from feverish Bat-fans!

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