Thursday, August 1, 2013

Batman in LIFE Magazine! Superman Soars! MAD on Broadway! 1966 Pics and Article!

Sure, you've seen the cover. An oddly grinning Adam West, in full Batman gear, is seen leaping onto a blank white background, with large bat-symbols flanking him. This was LIFE magazine's attempt at creating a "comic book cover," and it reflected the dizzying heights of 1966's "Batmania," as well as the country's fevered fascination with pop art and comics! But, have you looked inside that storied issue to glom the interior article? A very fun and informative piece lurks within, spotlighting the overblown Bat-craze, the SUPERMAN Broadway musical, and so much more! Click below to enlarge this slice of 60s life!

Can you believe that I first stumbled across this article in a pile of discarded
reference magazines, in an art room in college, circa 1985? Yup! Some of the
classrooms at Ringling School of Art kept older magazines on hand, for use in
making collages, prints, and the like!

Above: Yes, that's JoAnne Worley (in the yellow boa), soon to become
a star in LAUGH-IN, a TV series very much like MAD magazine! You can also
read more about the SUPERMAN broadway show here!

Above: Dig that poor little girl, wearing an overlarge Ideal Batman
cowl! Her utility belt isn't working out too well, either!

BONUS! Look below to see this new Hallmark Holiday ornament, based on the 1966 Batman! Does that pose look familiar?

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