Friday, August 9, 2013

Batman Against the Spook! 1973 Dick Giordano Original Comic Cover Art!

Here's another amazing piece of Bronze Age brilliance by prolific artist Dick Giordano! Here is Dick's colossal cover for DETECTIVE COMICS #435, from 1973, featuring Batman up against a great (and now little-seen) foe called the Spook! This master escape artist (who, despite his mysterious moniker, turned out to be a flesh-and-blood crook) posed a different kind of threat to the Caped Crusader, matching his copious "sleight-of-hand" skills with Batman's own deductive abilities! A perfect fit for the murky, dangerous, and dank world the Dark Knight dwelled in! Click below to enlarge!

FUN FACT: Didja know the single "floating" Batman head on the left side of
the above cover was pencilled by comics artist Alan Kupperberg, and inked by
Neal Adams? It was used for years on BATMAN comic covers, but also on
JUSTICE LEAGUE comics, and DC merchandise!

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