Saturday, July 13, 2013

THE INCREDIBLE HULK! Rare 70s TV GUIDE Ads and Clippings! Lou Ferrigno!

Dig this brain-blasting batch of late-70s greatness! Here is a hulking handful of ads and promos that ran in TV GUIDE, all hyping the famed CBS TV series! These ads (from 1978 to 1981) feature stars Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, but give a healthy share of the spotlight to guest stars, as well as co-star Jack Colvin, too! And, altho the show always rode high in the ratings, that didn't stop the makers from engaging in as much sensationalistic advertising as any other TV property! Click below to enlarge these blasts from the past!

It's surprising to note the level of image re-touching (using air-brush
and paint, in those pre-Photoshop days) on these ads...

Many of these ads were ably assembled by paste-up artists using
only photo stills and reference sent by the studio! Using montage, good
composition, and collage skills, some very effective ads were created!

Who else recalls CBS's "We're Looking Good" ad campaign of the late 70s? TV
commercials would spotlight the stars of the various CBS series (yes, including
those from the HULK) smiling at the camera and brandishing an aloft  "OK" sign...
Odd to see Lou Ferrigno, in full HULK regalia, doing such!

Can anyone explain that odd ad in the lower left corner? Does that artwork
represent a baseball pitcher in mid-lob? Somebody besides Banner
changing into a Hulk-like beast?!

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Great! Wonderfull collection. I love your website! I am also a fan of Bill Bixby's Hulk and Christopher Reeve's Superman ;)