Thursday, July 18, 2013

The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN CBS TV Series! 1979 Update! Marvel!

Let's take another look at this short-lived (but much loved) late-70s entry into live-action Marvel madness, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! Dig these fan-mag clippings form the time period, all spotlighting star Nick Hammond (who portrayed Spidey himself, natch), as well as his guest stars, producers, cast, and crew

I was a regular watcher of the SPIDER-MAN CBS show, and I don't recall
any real change to "more mature themes," or hearing "the sound a spider
makes spinning a web!" Perhaps some BATMAN-like silliness woulda
been in order, after all?

Even the teen mags got into the Marvel march, spotlighting young star Hammond!

BONUS! Click below to glom some of these pics from the sensational 70s SPIDER-MAN series!


Anonymous said...

I saw an interview on TV with Hammond a few years back - he's living in Australia now, complete with Aussie accent and all!

- Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.

Al Bigley said...

Yup! If you just search this very blog a bit, you can hear a recent audio interview with now-Aussie Nick!

Al Bigley