Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The 1971 HULK T-Shirt Returns! Roach Studios Iron-On Madness! Marvel!

Sure, we've all seen the ads from a host of early-70s Marvel Comics! Said ads featured a bong-load of colorfully-designed slogans and gags meant for the "wake and bake" crowd, but somehow, standing out among such eye-popping images were three mighty Marvel stalwarts, Captain America, Spidey, and the Hulk! Well, thanks to a recent eBay auction, I was able to snag the colorful Hulk image, already ironed onto a still-crisp t-shirt! But, that shirt was meant for a tiny tot, thus barring even svelte me from wearing it proudly! The solution? A local tailor, working feverishly under strict and constant supervision, carefully cut the image from its original decades-old garment, then re-applied to a new me-sized psychedelic shirt, thus ensuring today's lucky populace could once again gaze upon such splendor! Click below to see the results of this sartorial situation, frantic one!

Thanks to Allyson Bigley for also helping with the tie-dyeing of the new
shirt! I wanted to match the transfer's original "day glo" fluorescent colors!

BONUS! Look below to glom the original unused 1970s iron-on, featuring brain-blistering art by "happy" Herb Trimpe!

BONUS BONUS! Look below to see the original unused 1969 Jack Kirby-drawn Hulk poster art (left), and Herb Trimpe's modified version (right), later used for the above t-shirt iron-on design!

For some reason, the above Kirby art (meant for a poster sold thru the "MarvelMania"
fan club) was heavily changed in the re-drawn version by then-current HULK artist Trimpe!
Both were terrific images in their own right!

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Steven Thompson said...

I wonder if the change was due to the fact that Kirby was here drawing Hulk's face to look like a normal--albeit presumably green--face. Kirby more than anyone else had originally given the character a unique "monster" face which had been softened through the years but never looked just...well..generic. Here it does.