Thursday, July 4, 2013

Look! Up in The Sky! It's SUPER-MILGROOM?! 1975 DC Comics Wackiness!

It's a real crime. When folks and fans think of the many sturdy actors who have portrayed the live-action Superman, they always list George Reeves, Chris Reeve, and the others who have stood in as the Man of Steel on stage, screen, and TV. But, why is it that nobody recalls the tremendous live-action performance of dynamic Dick Milgroom? This 1975 excerpt from AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS (DC's own in-house fanzine) gives us the low-down on Dick's exhibitionistic escapades thru New York City, as he gives onlookers thrills, spills, and (lots of) chills! Click below to enlarge and enjoy, as you add a new name to the hallowed list of staunch Supermen of the past!

Can ya believe the original 50s SUPERMAN TV costume was still lying
around in the DC offices, available for such pranks and hijinks?! Learn
more about piece photographer Jack Adler here!

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