Tuesday, July 9, 2013

AVENGERS #165 Cover! 1977 George Perez Original Comic Art! Iron Man! Marvel!

Torn savagely from the pages of a 1977 issue of FOOM, here are the power-packed pencils for the cover of AVENGERS #165, by gregarious George Perez! George was just getting started in these days, but you can already see his attention to detail, his sense of composition and action, staging, and overall excitement with this piece! The artist would have a long run on AVENGERS, even returning in the (otherwise uninspired) late 90s for an incredible return on the book! Click below to enlarge, assemblers!

Who's that guy in yellow? He's the Whizzer (no joke), a superhero from Marvel's
1940 years, brought back briefly in the book at the time, as part of an exciting sub-plot!

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