Thursday, June 27, 2013

"The Hulk vs. The Bulk!" Rare 1966 Record Adventure! MarvelMania!

You read right! The super-rare 1966 INCREDIBLE HULK Tifton 45 record is now ready for your listening pleasure! I've already served up the little-heard companion audio stories of Spider-Man and his pals, but this little gem has eluded me (and many other comics fans) for years! Created by the same familiar voice talents you've heard on the other Marvel and DC audio offerings, this fun little tale would fit perfectly into the Hulk's mid-60s comic adventures, as it matches the same fun and action-heavy tone of his Marvel mag escapades! Click below to take a listen to both this timeless tale and the nifty and catchy Hulk song, too!



BONUS! Wanna hear the other two dynamic discs from this sensational series? Click here for CAPTAIN AMERICA, and here for the Mighty THOR thriller!

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