Friday, June 14, 2013

Superman! Then and Now! 1978 Movie Article! Chris Reeve! DC Comics!

With all this hoopla over the latest big-screen SUPERMAN movie, take a look back to the days when audiences were worked up over the first Chris Reeve Supes film hitting cinemas everywhere! This great 1978 article covers all the angles, even looking back to the then-most recent live-action Superman incarnation, the 1950s TV series! Click to enlarge!

SUPER-BONUS! Click below to see this terrific parody (from DYNAMITE magazine) of the 1978 "Super-Mania" that was whipped up over this superheroic cinematic sensation!

Interesting to note that all the over-merchandising and brand "synergy" being
made fun of in this parody are now "standard procedure" in this day
of multi-media tie-ins and "cross-promotional platforms..."

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