Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kid Flash! His Awesome Origin! 1974 DC Comics Fact Feature!

Here's another hidden treat from a 1975 DC Comics FLASH oversized "Super Spectacular" issue! During the Golden and Silver Ages of comics, almost every adult superhero had a "kid sidekick," and Flash was no exception! Kid Flash (introduced in 1959), however, would only rarely team up with his older namesake, often having his own solo adventures, something rare for young characters then! KF was even a founding member of the Teen Titans, later in the 60s, and even eventually stepped up to assume the mantle (and name and costume) of the Flash, after the death of his original inspiration! Click below to enlarge!

Much of the classic art above is by the incomparable Carmine Infantino!

In more recent days, Kid Flash has been the subject of new cartoons, toys, action
 figures, and more! But, dig this 1977 Mego action figure, one of the first pieces of
KF merchandise made! He was offered as part of the "Teen Titans" line, and now
 these figures sell for astronomical amounts of cash among collectors!

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